A Recognized Specialist within the Insurance and Financial Services Industry

PhiloSmith, a private partnership, is a leading independent investment bank focused on providing investment management services to corporations, financial institutions and high net worth individuals and financial and strategic advice on mergers and acquisitions across a broad spectrum of insurance and financial services businesses, including:

Property and Casualty Insurers

Specialty and standard property casualty insurance


Companies providing primarily reinsurance

Insurance Brokers

Insurance agencies, wholesalers, managing general agents and reinsurance brokerage firms

Specialized Finance

Providers of specialized financial services, includes credit agencies, stock exchanges and special boutiques

Life and Health Insurers

Companies providing primarily life, disability, indemnity or supplemental health insurance

Other Diversified Financial Services

Providers of a diverse range of financial services, but with no dominant business line

Multi-Line Insurers

Insurance companies with diversified interests in life, health and property and casualty insurance

Consumer Finance

Providers of consumer finance services, including personal credit, credit cards and lease financing 


Founded in 1962, by Mr. Philo Smith, the firm was one of the first private independent investment banking firms created to focus on insurance and financial services businesses in the U.S. and overseas.  For over five decades, we have focused solely on generating above-average investment returns for our investors and advising corporate finance clients on financial and strategic issues.  PhiloSmith’s reputation is built on providing clients with well-informed advice and creative and executable solutions that generate value.