Investment Portfolios

PSCO Partners, PhiloSeparate Accounts and The PhiloSelect Dividend Account specialize in the stocks of insurance and other financial institutions.  They are not trading vehicles and are best suited for long-term investment.  The portfolios are managed aggressively and tend to be concentrated in companies in which market or industry conditions incite favorable change.  PhiloSmith is sensitive to the internal dynamics of organizations.  The firm believes that the dynamics of each company, at any given time, are in constant flux.  Our goal is to invest in companies in which those dynamics are developing in a positive direction.

Insurance Companies and Institutional Investors have allowed PhiloSmith to invest and oversee a portion of their equity account dedicated to insurance and financial services securities for over four decades.  All accounts are open only to accredited investors.

PSCO Partners Limited Partnership
PSCO Partners Limited Partnership is a Connecticut limited partnership formed in 1975 to invest in equity and other securities of companies engaged in various segments of the insurance business and other financial service businesses.  PSCO Partners is our flagship account from which many separately managed accounts derive.  The Partnership has returned a double-digit gain with a 0.6 beta since inception.

PhiloSeparate Account
PhiloSeparate Account allows accredited investors the opportunity to own a professionally managed portfolio of individual insurance and financial services stocks. The key advantages of the account include:

  • A low cost and practical vehicle to invest with one of the industry’s leading active portfolio managers of insurance and financial services companies
  • Simplified accounting and daily valuations
  • Securities are directly owned by the investor and held by the investors custodian of choice
  • Investor is not subject to the undesirable consequences of asset flow (excess subscriptions or redemptions)
  • The investor has better understanding of their taxable position
  • Daily reporting of all realized and unrealized gains or losses and dividends
  • Securities that are owned with their own cost basis

The PhiloSelect Dividend Account
The PhiloSelect Dividend Account is a specialized equity portfolio created to deliver steady income through investments that allow for protection against inflation and increasing interest rates.  The Account invests only in companies PhiloSmith & Co. has identified to have strong balance sheets, dependable earnings, and sound management within the insurance and financial industry that also have a long history of consistent dividend payments.  While there are many dividend focused equity funds available, most focus on a broad array of high yielding equities that often involve investing in companies with inconsistent dividend payments or substantially higher bankruptcy risk.  The PhiloSelect Dividend Account consists of only high-quality companies that have both the ability and the commitment to grow their dividends over time.