Investment Management

PhiloSmith's industry expertise allows the firm to differentiate itself from generalist investment managers.

PhiloSmith's extensive knowledge of insurance and financial businesses contributes to the firm's ability to effectively analyze those companies, business cycles and trends to produce above-average, long-term investment performance with below-average risk.

The firm is an investment manager for many leading institutional investors worldwide.  The investment management products offered by PhiloSmith are managed by a team of experienced professionals.  PhiloSmith offers U.S.- based limited partnerships and separately managed accounts.  All products offer an actively managed approach to investing in insurance and financial services companies.  Separately managed accounts are a corollary of our flagship partnership and are tailored to meet an investor's specific investing requirements.  PhiloSmith is a registered investment advisor with the SEC.

PhiloSmith maintains a conservative, long-term investment approach based on fundamental research. Individual stock selection is emphasized with an eye toward current valuations and appreciation potential.  The investment management team researches companies carefully and develops relationships with the top management of portfolio companies.  The firm’s goal is to buy stocks in which risks of loss appear relatively limited, and the chances of success appear to be clearly defined.  Our core philosophy is to safeguard client assets by investing in companies with trustworthy and capable management.